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        Scott Cameron        

A Delaware artist, Scott Cameron paints the simple elegance of the America’s Cup races, serene coastal marsh scenes, timeless landscape vistas and historic steamboats in a style reminiscent of the era in which they reigned.

An admirer of Andrew Wyeth and the Brandywine School of painters, Scott has combined the detail and quiet stillness of that School in his landscapes with the Luminist School’s sense of light glowing from within. A soft gentle atmosphere seems to fall over each scene adding to the peacefulness of the setting, and a sense of a time gone by. His America’s Cup scenes capture the action at a moment in time, allowing the beauty of the wind-filled sails to become the central design element of each painting.

Scott Cameron has exhibited his oil paintings in numerous national and regional shows from the Mystic Seaport Museum to solo and group shows in some of the foremost galleries throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Favorite painting locations are the waterways and coastal inlets of Martha’s Vineyard and Maryland’s Eastern Shore and the gentle rolling landscapes of rural Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Meticulous research is behind every historic steamboat and America’s Cup painting to record accurately the details of race position, rigging and boat design.

Scott Cameron attended Southhampton College on Long Island, studying with Fairfield Porter and Wilhelm KeKooning followed by Pratt Institute in New York. After college Scott worked as a graphic designer in Newport, R.I. designing and executing the graphics for three America’s Cup yachts, Courageous, Clipper and Defender. Introduced to this new exciting world of beautiful historical yachts, he determined to become a marine artist, combining his knowledge of graphic design and composition with his love of painting.

Twilight on the Chesapeake, oil 18x32 $6850
Inter Coastal Mooring, oil 9x12 $1100
Heron's Respite, oil 28x36 $6800
Backwater Landing, oil 11x15 41250
Dixie, oil 20x42 $8250
Fog Rolling In, oil 16x34 $2600
Chesapeake Sunet Marsh, oil 20x40 $6800
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