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  Cynthia Rosen  

  A contemporary American post impressionist, Cynthia Rosen offers fine art paintings, both landscape and figurative.  Renown for her palette knife paintings and in particular her colorful landscapes. Rosen has achieved note for her modern take and interpretation of sights seen resulting in her creative and original art.  An accomplished plein air painter,  a fine arts educator,  a contemporary post impressionist, Rosen is versed in a variety of medium.   Her teaching style is eclectic as she individualizes her approach to help students find their personal talents and voices.

      Cynthia’s fine art paintings offer the viewer unique contemporary landscapes with the occasional venture into figurative and still life work. Rosen has received invitations to events and shows being one of the most creative plein air painters on the scene today.  While the focus of her work in celebrating the outdoors in art, her fascination with the glory of color and the concept of time combine to provide the viewer with original art of unique vision. 

       As a plein air landscape painter Cynthia gains inspiration from seeking out diverse landscapes, allowing for the variety of sites to provide both personal challenge and a richness of subject to offer to her collectors. No matter the scene, the style evident in her original work provides the common thread making her work immediately recognizable. 

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