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   Greg Osterhaus  

The rural south is depicted eloquently and passionately in the oil paintings of Greg Osterhaus. To observe Osterhaus interacting with his canvas, one would assume that painting was his birthright. Effortlessly, instinctively, he applies shape and color in elusive brushstrokes that first appear insignificant, but quickly take on meaning as the work evolves. The composition; most often the pastoral countrysides of Virginia under a shroud of unorthodox color, echoing simplicity and placidness found in our natural surroundings. 

From moody to brilliant, Greg's use of color affords him unlimited freedom to create on his canvas a world beyond, one unseemingly untouched. Impressionistic in style, his landscapes invite the viewer in, but allow each one to draw his own conclusion.

"Paintings are as much about the paint as they are about the subject matter", explains the artist. Rather than seeing a photograph, Osterhaus would like the viewer to connect with the painting, to share a visual language embracing the underlying emotions experienced as he orchestrated each piece.

Osterhaus' innate abilities combined with his technical training at Va. Tech were the foundation for his career. Currently living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Osterhaus continues his love affair with painting.

Mango With Tilted Head, oil 36x36 $3200
Brightly Over Shadow, 30x30 $2400
Blue Shine, oil 30x30 $2400
Sienna Regards, oil 30x30 $2400
Ochre Glow, oil 20x20 $1800 sold
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