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          Kristin Blanck                





Kristin Blanck is a realist painter working in traditional techniques to capture the beauty of the ordinary and elevate it to the inspired.  As with many artists, her journey to becoming an artist was anything but linear.  While always connected to art and the creative process, be it while in college studying art history, during a 25 year career as an award-winning fashion designer, or operating her own gallery, she knew her true passion was in painting.  Ultimately, the desire to create art was too strong and it became obvious it was time to embark on a new path as a full time artist.


Largely self-taught, she paints in a highly detailed style that is influenced by historic and contemporary Dutch artists.  Working primarily in oil, Blanck finds voice in minimal compositions and familiar subjects coupled with a strong sense of light and shadow to establish a counterpoint between the classical and contemporary.


After years of living in California and Maine, she returned home to Pennsylvania.  The rich artistic legacy and pastoral beauty of the region provide a constant source of inspiration.  She resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

"I strive to create paintings that draw the viewer near.  When one is close to a work and can see the brush strokes, edges, and delicate nuances, I believe it forges a personal connection with the painting as well as the artist.  For me, there is no greater compliment than to create a painting that elicits an emotional response in the viewer.  Quite simply, art should stir the senses."

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