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    Patrick Lee    

Patrick Lee takes a unique creative approach to making paintings in the studio and en plein air. He draws heavily on intuition and imagination to develop an image, often altering the drawing, color, and spatial relationships to create a mood and express a feeling about the subject. This often leads to strong elements of abstraction and suggestion in his work, rather than explicit detail. This gives the viewer an opportunity to connect with each piece in their own way, inviting them to let their own imaginations make personal associations and connections.

Pope's Tavern, oil 36x36 $6500
Good Morning St. Michaels, oil 24x30 $4500
Evening Mooring, oil 24x30 $4500
Red Roof, oil 24x24 $3900 Sold
Sentinel, oil 24x30 $4500
Snow on Rooftops, oil 30x40 $5800
All Lined Up, oil 30x30 $4500
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