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        David Csont          

David Csont is a nationally recognized illustrator and educator with over 25 years of professional experience in the visualization of architecture. He holds degress in Art History and Graphic Design and completed his education earning a Master of Fine Art degree from the Universityof Wisconsin-Madison in 1995. A member of the prestigious American Society of Architectural Illustrators(ASAI), David's work has been recognized by juried exhibition in 1989,1996,1998, and 2005-2013.

Watercolor has been a passion of David's and is evident in his painting and illustration style.  He has developed a colorful, painterly approach, rooted in the tradition of English watercolorists like John Sell Cotman and Cyril Farey.

"As an artist my first response is to draw or paint to communicate my ideas. I strive to tell the story through pictures my words can't easily communicate. The act of painting is a process that involves all of the senses. I immerse myself completely into the subject in order to draw out all of its character and hidden meaning, hoping if I observe it closely enough I may glimpse the true essence of what makes it special."

David has been a juried artist in Plein Air Easton from 2010 through 2013, one of the premier traditional painting exhibitions in the country. He is founder of Plein Air Mt. Lebanon, a nationally recognized professional competition in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Log Canoes Under Sail, watercolor 12x16 $975
Lee Haven Windbreak-Csont, watercolor $975
Garden Path, watercolor 16x26 $1125
We've Moved-Csont watercolor 16x20 $950
Queued Up-Csont, watercolor $1125 24x24
Left at Home-Csont, watercolor $975 17x20
End of the Break-Csont, watercolor $925 14x16
Barn Ner Bozman, watercolor 15x23 $1025
Washington Block, watercolor 21x11 $975
David Csont
200 yr Old Rental, watercolor 15/20 $875
Dover rd Eaves, watercolor 16x29 $1075
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