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  Stephen Haynes  

Stephen Haynes is a self-taught painter currently living in the greater Pittsburgh area. A lifelong artist, Stephen spent his formative school years among the beaches of southern California, and summers in the mountains of West Virginia. This divided time gave him a diverse outlook and an immense love of the outdoors.

Showing his work publicly for over 20 years, Haynes has tried his hand at most art forms at one time or another. In his current work, the artist uses vibrant oil colors, mixed on the canvas, to convey light, shadow and form through thick impasto brushwork, evoking movement and abstract qualities.

His painting influences are as plentiful as they are diverse. From well known impressionist masters like Van Gogh, Monet and Cassatt, to landscape painters Edgar Payne, Isaac Levitan and Tom Thompson along with many others, too numerous to count.

Stephen graduated with an Associates Degree in visual communications from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2001 and is the current art director for Dirt Rag magazine. He lives with his wife, their two children and two dogs in a faded blue house east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In the Lead, oil 24x30 $2600
Daydream Believer, oil 20x20 $1250
Sound of the Sun, oil 36x48 $4600
Mason Jar of Flowers, oil 11x14 $925
In Between, oil 14x18 $975
Stephen Haynes
Winter Warmth, oil 36x36 $4200
White Truck, oil 6x8 $425
Moonset, oil 6x6 $375
Pliers, oil 6x8 $425
Blue Tractor, oil 14x18 $1050
Utilitub, oil 18x24 $1500
The Shape of Things, oil 6x6 $375
Commonplace Things, oil 6x6 $375
Moments, oil 6x6 $375
Moring Meander-Haynes, oil 11x14 $600
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