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  Rick Bisgyer  

Rick Bisgyer has been a full time ceramic artist for almost two decades. His work is a reflection of his life on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, where he creates sailing vessels, vases, large bowls, and other forms.

Rick is largely a self-taught artist, having learned the fundamentals of ceramics at Glen Echo Pottery, a community art studio outside of Washington DC. Rick's work combines wheel thrown forms with sculpted sails as a central motif, inspired by the graceful curves of boats, sails and hulls. His work is an expression of his experiences sailing dinghies, pursuing Olympic windsurfing as a young adult, and enjoying ocean racing and cruising. Rick's signature Sailing Vessel is first thrown on the wheel as a large vase and lid. After the pieces are partially dried, a liquefied clay is added to create the waves which give the feeling of moving water. The glaze choices reflect the ever-changing character of wind driven water and remain true to color on the pure white of the porcelain.

Rick holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Georgia State University, and has taught at Baltimore Clayworks and Chestertown RiverArts. His work has been displayed at national and regional fine craft shows. Rick received awards at the Bethesda Row Fine Arts Festival and Akron Art Expo.

His studio is located in Betterton, Maryland.

Sailing Sphere-Bisgyer $650 porcelain lge
Rick Bisgyer
Med sailing Sphere-Bisgyer porcelain $450
Med Sailing Sphere-Bisgyer $450 Porcelai
Flared Bowl, porcelain $450
Sailing Vessel, porcelain $500
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