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 Joe Mayer 

"Every time I pick up the brush it's a brand new experience," Joe was fond of saying Joe had been painting and teaching art since 1959 and until his passing in 2020. "After thirty-five years devoted to watercolor landscapes I find my work keeps leaning more and more towards non-objective paintings in oils, acrylics and watercolor. My recent exhibit reflects my attempts to create a perfect balance between a minimal number of shapes. I call it aesthetic homeostasis."

Joe Mayer was an award winning artist who was affiliated with the Baltimore Watercolor Society, past-president of the Washington Watercolor Club and Annapolis Watercolor Club, as well as founder of the Friday Morning Artists in Easton, Md. and Shephersdtown, WV.

After graduating from William and Mary College with a degree in commercial art, followed by two years at the McCoy Advertising Agency in Washington, DC, Joe embarked on a career teaching art in public schools. Although printmaking was his main focus, Joe became fascinated with watercolor and studied with Skip Lawrence and Edgar Whitney. Composition, his main area of interest, led to a teaching position at Prince George's Community College where he became chairman of the Fine Arts Department in his second year. In 1980 Joe began teaching private classes in watercolor which, for the next thirty years, has allowed him to conduct workshops across the United States as well as Mexico and Europe. His continuing curiosity with composition has led him to painting in oil and acrylics as he has moved inceasingly towards non-objective painting which he refers to as  "music without lyrics".

By the Light of the Moon, acrylic 30x30 $3150
You Are Here, acrylic 36x36 $4000
#2, acrylic 36x36 $4200
#3, acrylic 36x36 $4200
Red Square, acrylic 24x24 $2000
Sun Bolt, watercolor 19x24 $2400
Fractiles, mixed media 18x24 $2400
Orange Square 2, acrylic 16x16 $1200
Orange Square 1, acrylic 16x16 $1200
Mystiere, watercolor 18x23 $2800
Sante Fe Sky, watercolor 14x20 $2000
Hooper Island Morning, watercolor, unframed $1500
Begin Each Day, watercolor 10x10 $750
Charged, watercolor 18x23 $2800
We Are All Connected, watercolor 10x10 $750
Do Not Be Afraid to Love, mixed media, 10x10 $750
Yellow Moon, acrylic 12x12 $450
Sante Fe Light, watercolor, 14x20 $2000
Yellow water Music, oil 30x30 $2000
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