Gina Sarro   

Landscape painter Gina Sarro captures the vast Canadian landscape with her distinct technique, painting skies, mountains, water and fields evoking both flatness and depth. Inspiration from homes in Saskatchewan, where she was born, and the Alberta foothills, where she completed an Economics degree at the University of Calgary and studied painting at Alberta College of Art and Design, strongly influence her work. 

Using both brush and knife, partly to diminish, and partly to layer the paint itself, Gina balances strong compositional horizontals with rhythmic vertical gestures. Abstracted marks of color come together to create a serene, reminiscent composition which may be suddenly interrupted by defined saturated lines of color cutting vertically through it. This unexpected bisection of the landscape entices the viewer to look a little closer, searching to understand their meaning and what the artist is trying to say with her paint; a moment of pause and reflection.