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    Mary Veiga    

The landscape work of Mary Veiga is perhaps best described as a study of the various means light peaks between the leaves of trees, casts itself across expansive views, and reserves itself in quieter, more reflective moments. At the end of her brush stroke, she tells stories of color that remind us to feel warm and safely close to the awe of nature—which in Mary’s eyes, we are completely and utterly connected to. With soft impressionistic style, the texture of these works may be considered a mirror.

 Demonstrating a natural ability and interest from an early age her work began drawing awards and recognition. Mary went onto formal training at The Maryland Institute and College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Her fine arts education continued with acclaimed landscape artists David Buckley Good, John Brandon Sills, and colorist Camille Przwodek.

While Mary works full-time painting commissions and expanding her style, she also teaches fine art and painting at The Mitchell School of Fine Art [Baltimore]. Mary has been accepted into the prestigious 2019 Plein Air Easton Art Show and her art is represented in several Maryland galleries 

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