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     Vlad Duchev      

 Vlad Duchev was born in 1965 in the small town of Pokrov (former Ordzhonikidze) in Ukraine. Growing up he was impressed by the art of Russian-Ukrainian impressionists. At the age of 8, he entered an art school in the small town of Bila-Tserkov and started his journey as an artist with the goal to enter the Art Academy of Ukraine. At the age of 14, being under pressure from his musical family, he decided to take a musical path. He studied at the Music College of Zhytomyr, the Music Academy of Kharkiv, and the National Conservatory of Ukraine in Kyiv with major in classical performance - double bass. But at the same time, he continued studying painting. In 1994 due to the unstable situation in Ukraine, he decided to move his family to the United States. He resides and works in Baltimore, MD.


“I love painting different kinds of subjects, but the landscape is my first and greatest love. Instead of glorifying the creation, I concentrate on glorifying the Creator by simply rendering His creation. I love the moments I'm one-on-one with my Creator right before the brush touches the canvas. This is the most precious time for me.. My painting process is very simple - I will only start painting if I can see a complete painting in my mind with all the steps from start to finish. Paint it in your mind first - then transfer it to the canvas.”

Guarding the Night, oil 18x24 $2400
Kaleidoscope of Light, oil 24x24 $2800
Setting Down, oil 14x18 $1800
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