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Stephen Griffin, a Maryland impressionist oil painter, is best known for his portraits of people and his landscapes, especially of Chesapeake Bay and New England boats. Originally from Pennsylvania, he studied at the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia followed by a move to Maryland to study with renowned portrait artists Cedric and Joanette Egeli.

Griffin's studies have included classical painting and architecture with Alvin Holm AIA, Impressionism at the Cape Cod School of Art founded by Henry Hensche in 1931, and classical drawing and design at Barnstone Studios in Coplay, Pennsylvania.
Stephen Griffin’s study with the Egelis, in particular, shaped his Impressionist style. "They introduced me to Impressionism which ... was a revelation of color and light. I started seeing things as they really are, not the way we think they should be."

Favorite Chesapeake Bay locations are Tilghman Island, Galesville and Deal Island. His landscapes capture the distinctive light caused by the high humidity of Maryland summers. "It puts a haze over everything. The light has to go through the haze and it sets up beautiful screens of atmosphere. Favorite painting locations in New England include Provincetown on Cape Cod, Gloucester, Mass. and the coast of Maine.

Flight, oil 24x30 $4200
Beautiful Summer Day, oil 18x24 $2600
Summer Sail, oil 12x16 $1200
Resting Skipjacks, oil 24x30 $3800
Lone Tonger, oil 34x36 $7500 Sold

  Stephen Griffin   

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