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   Jan Kirsh   

Jan Kirsh's sculptures are the embodiment of a life's work in concert with nature. Trained in ceramics, design and photography, Kirsh turned first to landscape design, fulfilling a desire to work within Nature's parameters. Her extensive background and current practice as a noted landscape and garden designer has proven to be the perfect springboard when visualizing her sculpture-posing and placing each piece in her mind as she views the space.

Kirsh's return to sculpture in 2004 brings her career full circle. She has created a collection of exuberant fruits and vegetables that range from a formidable 6 ft Pear  to diminutive 3D-printed wearable art. With the help of digital technology, the sculpture can be fabricated in any size or color, and in a variety of materials including bronze, resin and fiberglass for indoor or outdoor display.

Kirsh has exhibited in Philadelphia, New York and across the Mid-Atlantic including two solo shows at the Academy Art Museum in Easton, Md and Maryland Hall in Annapolis, Md in addition to inclusion in numerous shows hosted by the Washington Sculpture Group.

A resident of the Eastern Shore for over 30 years, Kirsh's studio is minutes from St. Michaels, Maryland. 

Stretch, Dip and Wonder-Kirsh, bonded marble $60 ea/$175 (3)
20 Inch Concrete Pear-Kirsh $475
Lemon 134 SCherry
Apple-Kirsh cast resin $625
Artichoke-bonded marble $450
Eggplant-Kirsh, bonded marble/acrylic $450
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