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   Olena Babak   

Olena Babak is a classically trained artist who has recently moved to Maine from North Carolina where she attended a private art atelier. She is trained in the academic traditions of the French and Russian schools where significant emphasis is put on direct observation and pushing the limits of lighting and color in the process of capturing mood and enchantment in ever changing surroundings.

Olena Babak is an award winning artist whose landscapes and figurative works can be found in the Albin Polasek museum and a number of private collections and galleries in the U.S. and abroad.

Formerly teaching graduate students at the Academy of Classical Design, Olena now offers private workshops and classes in her Bangor, Maine studio. Her private studio and residence is on the peaceful Great Moose Lake in central Maine.


Morning Glow, oil 12x24 $2500
Morning Elegance, oil 6x12 $995 Sold
Morning on the Miles River, oil 16x20 $2100
Splash, oil 12x24 $2500
In St. Michaels Harbor, oil 18x24 $2800
Shades of Lavender, oil 11x14 $1475
New Beginning, oil 12x24 $2500
Olena Babak
Summer Fields, oil 11x14 $1400
Joy of Light, oil 6x12 $895
In For the Day, oil 12x16 $1400 Sold
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