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Zemma Mastin White   

"The continuous voice in my work is a provocative mixture of color, form, texture, and melodic line. After exploringmany different mediums in my art, the last several years have been devoted to making one-of-a-kind prints. Each printmaking technique offers its own unique attribute. In producing a monoprint, I combine a matrix of printmaking processes such as monotype, collograph, solar plate etching and chine colle. Each plate is inked and sent through an etching press and pulled one by one from the matrix to produce multiple impressions on paper. As I develop layers using this matrix, intriguing patterns and textures emerge yielding a richness and depth to the surface. The process becomes a journey, I start in one direction, one layer informs another and a wonderful exchange begins to happen in developing a print. I typically work on more than one print at a time using similar threads of ideas and in the end it always surprises me how different the outcome can be."

Zemma Mastin White is a graduate of the University of Maryland Fine Art and Commercial Art School. Her work is recognized for its bold use of color in a nonrepresentational format. During the last several years she has been exploring the innumerable possibilities in printmaking. her artwork delivers an intriguing synthesis of color, pattern, texture and energetic expression.

The artist resides in New York and Washington, Connecticut.

Epigraph, painting on canvas 36x36 $5000
Windswept 22x30 monoprint $2320
Blue Parallel Lines, monoprint 22x30 $2320
Industrial Grid, monoprint 15x53 $2800
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