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   John Schisler       

John Schisler was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1972. He began painting at the Conrad Miller Studio in Fells Point, Maryland at the age of 17. At the Conrad Miller Studio, John studied the use of Maroger Mediums and the techniques of the Dutch Masters through the teaching of Nancy Lee Conrad and Melvin Miller who were both students of Jacques Maroger.

He learned to make and use "black oil" which is used as a basis for the mediums of such masters as Titian, Rubens and Rembrandt. The advantage of this medium is the ability to obtain the qualities of color, shadow, and brilliance found only in their paintings. His style is classical realism. Keeping with the tradition of the old masters, he makes the black oil that is then used to make medium as well as oil paint by mixing with powdered pigments. He also makes his own mastic varnish. In early 2001, John began to pursue a full time career in art. Along with painting, he also teaches his traditional painting techniques at his home studio in Georgetown, Delaware.

sunset arrival
shell and float
conch shell__large
Box of conch shells
Shells with blue bottle.jpg
Blueberries and cream.JPG
cherry brandy.JPG
time goes on.jpg
cherries and bowl2.jpg
cherries and cup.jpg
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