Kevin Garber is a Pennsylvania native who moved to Maryland in 2008. Trained as a fine art lithographer, Kevin earned a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Nebraska in 1987. He was a professor of printmaking and drawing at Washington University in St. Louis for over ten years. As Master Printer at the university, Kevin ran the collaborative Print Workshop, and published fine art print editions for dozens of renowned artists. Kevin opened and operated Fishing Creek Studios, a commercial sculpture studio in St. Louis for 15 years. Now, he paints and makes assemblages in his studio in Bozman, offers art services to collectors, and teaches classes at the Academy Art Museum in Easton. Kevin's work can be found in many private and corporate collections, including the Whitney Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Kevin has been drawing and painting birds for 40 years. From large scale abstracted prints to tiny detailed renderings, Garber has used birds as a muse throughout his entire career. 

Blue Jay, oil 12x12 $900
Green Starling, watercolor $325 Sold
Ladderback, oil 12x12 $900
Quail, oil on enamel $385
Quail, giclee $450
Ring Ouzel, graphite $325
Pair Orioles, watercolor $325
Red Bellied Woodpecker, watercolor $1200
Peace Offering, monoprint $995
Red Wing Blackbird, oil on enamel $300(unfr)
Matisse Bird, oil on enamel, $300(Unfr)
White Bellied Crow, watercolor $325
Grackle, watercolor 4325
Geese in Flight, watercolor $1425
Magpie, watercolor $750
Red Tails, watercolor $1600
Two, watercolor $1425
Gull, oil 12x12 $900
Royal Tern, oil 12x12 $900
Cardinal, oil 8x8 $450
Gull(left) oil 12x12 $900
Royal Terns, oil $2700

   Kevin Garber