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    Melanie Fain   

Melanie Fain's passion for nature is clearly reflected in her subtle, yet powerful works of art. For over 30 years, Melanie has brought the beauty and drama of nature to her collectors offering them an intimate view of the natural world. She translates her sensitive perceptions into elegant hand-colored etchings and watercolors.

Using a "less is more" philospohy, Melanie strives to capture attitude, mood and personality through the use of positive and negative space, color, and composition. Her goal is to give her viewers something from nature they can connect with. 

Melanie makes her home in the Texas Hill Country, and travels across the United States in pursuit of her favorite subjects: birds, botanicals, insects, fishing, hunting, and breathtaking landscapes. Much of her field work is done with a camera, providing valuable reference from which to work in the quiet of her studio.

Melanie's dedication to her art has led to inclusion in national and international exhibitions, feature articles, publication in books and numerous accolades. Her work is in private and corporate collections across the United States and abroad.

" I have always been drawn to nature-it is my livelihood, my recreation, my comfort, my home. It is who I am and what I know best"-Melanie Fain


Carlton Woods-Fain, watercolor/etching $325
Spider and Fly, Fain watercolor etching
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