Thomas Bucci 

Thomas Bucci was born in a small industrial town in Western NJ. The architecture of the old factories and mills is a continual vivid memory. The way that buildings and other man made elements collage together to make the fabric of a city or town is the appeal which is conveyed that in his paintings.

Bucci went to art school to study painting and left with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, going on to earn a Masters of Architecture. After a few years working as an architect, he returned to his original plan, and started making paintings of the built environment. Since, he has been living in Washington DC and working full time as a professional artist since 1996.
Watercolor was his first love. The ability to quickly suggest form with loose washes and conjure the illusion of detail with crisp brushwork has always appealed to him. Watercolor was chosen

for its gestural quality, capriciousness, and spontaneity. The way he approaches watercolor requires him to work quickly and he is willing to take the risks associated with that to fully realize its potential.

He is always actively looking for ideas for paintings. Sometimes the scene serves up a ready painting idea and has to be put it on paper. More often ideas come from something less complete; a glimpse of atmospheric effects, the way sunlight lands on a surface, or an element in a landscape. "The most important part of painting  is not actually painting, but the mental preparation that I’m doing all the time, but I do paint at every opportunity. Small pencil or watercolor sketches are also a key part of my process."