Stewart Burgess White    

Stewart White is a watercolorist from Baltimore, Maryland. He is one of the rare plein air painters using the medium of watercolor. His background in architectural illustration adds to his skill set and his paintings reflect his knowledge of good design. Stewart’s paintings have the pleasing combination of good structure with a painterly style. He is a transparent watercolorist  in the purest tradition of watercolor painters. Where as watercolor expresses its nature as fluid  oil paint is stiff and seems to want to be expressed in a thick and buttery way. 

He studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and after serving 3 years in the US Army he returned to graduate from UC Berkeley with a BFA. He works as an architectural illustrator and designer. His watercolors both in his architecture illustrations and in painting competitions have won him many awards. In June 2009 he was invited to teach a workshop in Paris on his techniques for architectural watercolors to an organization of architects. He continues to teach in Paris every other year. 

At Plein Air Easton 2019, Stewart painted in tempera and oil. His painting "Mutt and Marti Do a Full Pull"

won the Best Painting by a Maryland Artist.

Knightly Fields-White, egg tempera 12x12 $1200
Cinderella-White, oil 14x18 $2600
Hoop Study-Stewart White, egg tempera 6x8 $375
Sail Studies IV- S. White, egg tempera 6x8 $450
Sail Studies I-S. White, egg tempera 6x8 $450
Hull Study-S. White, egg tempera 6x8 $450
Traction-S. White, egg tempera 6x8 $450