Sheryl Southwick   

Sheryl has been a colorist since she first learned the color wheel. At LSU, where she attained a BFA in Painting, she studied with professors who had beens students of Josef Albers, who reinforced her knowledge, understanding, and use of color in her work. Her year of living in Paris rekindled her connection to Pierre Bonnard whom she considers her greatest influence.

Her current work is both tactile and reflective of color practice, creating harmonious surfaces that evoke rivers and landscapes in rain or sunshine.

Sheryl resides in Easton, Md. where she creates her art as well as is an instructor, exhibition assistant, framer and gallery attendant at the Academy Art Museum. She has managed group murals and mosaics. As a teaching artist she loves to help people new to art-making in a variety of mediums.

"My Art, My Life Surfaces that shimmer with torn colored paper, Paint strokes or glass, Paintings, Collages, shiny mosaics, new whole made from bits. Rework myself, learn new ways of being. Break up assumptions, lose attitudes. Find New strengths, new beauty, harmony. A constant healing garden of discovery."


Roslyn Farm Reimagined-Southwick, collag
Oxford Cove-Southwick, collage 28x31 $11
Cherry Blossoms on the Path-Southwick, collage $2800
Three Trees in Gold Field-Southwick, collage $2800
Intertwine-Southwick, collage
Collage Crepe Myrtle-Southwick, collage
Sunrise on Snow-Southwick, collage $225

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